Railway weir

Harrys Creek Road (6km out of town)
Violet Town

The weir is located on the left hand side of Harrys Creek Road as you go up to Strathbogie, about 6 km out of Violet Town. There is a red triangle with W on it pointing to the track, and a sign.

Reservoir camping sign

   Weir creek rocks

Access is for high clearance 4WD vehicles only, so park in the ‘carpark’, cross the creek and walk the few hundred metres up the track to the weir. The walking track leads to the walkway.

Weir pool   Weir walkway

Possibly built when the main eastern railway terminated at VT to service the steam trains in the 1870s, it has been made famous by the band Killing Heidi - Ella Hooper explains. There are photos of the weir in 1928 in our photo gallery.

reservoir stored water for Vic railway engines 

Bush camping, swimming and fishing are all permitted. Camp below the wall and remove all rubbish please.

The weir is also a Geocache site. Click here for details.