HREP Wildlife surveys

The Honeysuckle Creek Recreation Reserve area is an ideal place to see much of the local wildlife, particularly birds. In 2013  HREP engaged local ecologist Lance Williams to conduct regular wildlife surveys along the Honeysuckle Creek walking track. The surveys, particularly the night spotlighting ones, have identified many species of native animals living along the Honeysuckle Creek. The most important of these is the endangered squirrel glider. Birds also feature highly in the survey results. Over 80 species of birds have so far been identified.

Monthly survey reports in the 2017 issues of the Village Voice on this website.

HREP brochure "Birds of the Honeysuckle Creek" available from businesses in Cowslip Street. 

Honeysuckle Creek Wildlife: The frogs (pdf)

Honeysuckle Creek Wildlife: The mammals (pdf)

Pest animals along the Honeysuckle Creek, Violet Town (pdf)