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Violet Town Garden Group

The Violet Town Garden Group is comprised of friendly and enthusiastic members, some from as far afield as Shepparton. The group is geared towards an enjoyable get together once a month, of like-minded people. Our usual venues are member’s gardens, the local community hall if the weather is too inclement, or a trip to somewhere mutually decided on.

We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 10.00 am. We take it in turns to view each other’s gardens and the morning usually finishes after a couple hours of exploring, having a cuppa and an enthusiastic exchange of information. January and February are our only two months off as usually it is too hot to be roaming around outdoors.

We welcome anyone who is interested in gardening or just checking out what others have achieved. You certainly do not have to be an expert – all you need is an enthusiastic interest in anything involved with being in the garden.

The Violet Town Village Voice includes a report each month and indicates the location of the next meeting.

For more information:

Barb (5798 1421) or Linda (5798 1729)


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