The Men's Shed

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Once the home of Scouts and Guides the shed is now the Men's Shed. Click the image

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The board out the front announces the jobs for the day. Click the image

The Violet Town Men’s Shed on the corner of Baird and Hurt Street Violet Town is the re-invigorated activity centre of the town three mornings a week. The Men’s Shed is a project of the Violet Town Community House.

Once the home of Scouts and Guides the shed is now the Men's Shed where wood working and other skills and expertise are put to good use.

The dramatic turn-around in the attendance is due almost entirely to John Broadhurst and his team. They have transformed the operation so that often more than 20 people pass through the door each day. Especially popular is the morning tea at 10am and the increased numbers have meant more space was needed and walls were removed to open the space.

Recent renovations of an extended deck with disability access and a new toilet have added to the comfort of attendees.

Gradually the shed has acquired woodworking tools and equipment, paid from grants and donations, that allows the jobs or projects to be completed. A continuing source of income is the manufacture of possum nesting boxes, that are in great demand.

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Nesting boxes for possums and birds are required in huge numbers. Click the image

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A wheelbarrow although difficult to construct has obvious appeal. Click the image

The popularity of the Men's Shed,  has to be due, partly anyway, to the quips dreamt up by John and advertised on the sign outside. "Sometimes I wake up during the night with up to ten new ones that I have to write down immediately so I don't forget them."

John started with Community House as the coordinator of the originally called 'Skills Shed' but immediately recommended a name change because many in the community did not believe they had skills.


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John Broadhurst points out some of the features of the nesting boxes. Click the image.

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A corner of the Men's Shed provides an opportunity for visitors to relax, watch TV or use the computer or just sit down for a chat. Click the image.

Living locally, John was earlier involved in sustainable land management and more recently put into practice lessons learned on his own property. The precinct of the Men's Shed is evidence of John's enthusiasm for sustainable living with a vegetable garden, the beginning of an orchard and some landscaping on the verge of Baird Street.

The Men's Shed provides a great place for those who want somewhere to go and meet with like-minded people and do something useful at the same time.

Men of all ages are welcome, just drop in or give the coordinators a call.

Opening hours
Tuesday 8am-12pm
Wednesday 8am-12pm
Thursday 8am-12pm

John Broadhurst 0407812489
Ross Gill 0408364103

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