Violet Town and the Environment


Many in the Violet Town community are keen to protect the remnant local indigenous environment and many residents have participated in a number of projects to involve residents and enhance the local environment

These projects include:


Grey-crowned babbler. Photo: K Vang and W Dabrowka ©

1.The Honeysuckle Recreation Environment Group [HREP] is committed to revegetating and protecting the native habitat along the Honeysuckle Creek within the Recreation Reserve.

2. Violet Town Community Forest, which was planted in recent years by the Violet Town Community on a disused section of the Shadforth Reserve to the north of the town. Its aim is to provide future wood fuel supplies.

3.The Grey Crowned Babbler Project is planting habitat for this threatened species of this bird native to this area. Dr Doug Robinson has been the driving force behind this project for many years.

4. The Ecoliving Project: In late 2007 the Violet Town Action Group received $300,000 in government funding to improve the energy efficiency of the Violet Town Community Complex, the Kindergarten and Child Care Centre and to work with the wider community running a number of workshops in energy efficiency. As part of this project the woodfired oven was built in the Recreation Reserve.

5. Bird Watching: A number of residents are keen bird watchers and have contributed their sightings.

Bird species in Violet Town and surrounding district

For bird watchers, sightings of birds at a number of locations around the town have been recorded and are provided here. So far we have list of birds that have been recorded in the Bushland Reserve near Koonda, in Long Gully and on a property in Upotipotpon. Compare the lists of birds seen in these locations.

A recent formal survey of birds along the Honeysuckle Creek is being undertaken as part of the Honeysuckle Recreation Environment Project. View the Birds of the Honeysuckle Creek, Violet Town brochure. This brochure was produced by the HREP group.