History of Violet Town


Violet Town is a small community where the past is still evident. Major Mitchell and his party stopped on the banks Violet Creek, now called Honeysuckle Creek on his way back to Sydney in 1836.

Violet Town has a long history

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Photographs of Violet Town in the early years and some that are more recent, are being collected as digital copies for all to enjoy, reminisce or to research. Copies of these images reduced in size for display on this website have been created and now available here.

The Website Photo Gallery

Another collection of images sourced from residents and former residents is now available in another form . The software allows each image to have one or more 'tags' and some that have been identified, there may be more later, can be found under the label 'Popular tags', include 'Cowslip St', 'Railway', 'Buildings'.

Select a tag and view all images that fit that description. View the Violet Town Photograph Gallery Online.

The Violet Town Gallery

To display some of the images collected, the 'Violet Town Gallery' was created in the windows of the 'Op Shop' as it was earlier. Check the photographs that have been displayed. It is understood that there is always, or so it appears, someone inspecting the display

What it was like then ...

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Click the image to download the ebook

A number of stories, articles, anecdotes and newspaper articles relating to the history of Violet Town have been collated and presented as an e-book.

So, for those who have a Kindle e-reader, you will know what it is all about, but those new to e-books click the link to Amazon.

This is really a check to see whether this format will reach a wider audience as we have more history books already published in print form and more coming. For those who have chosen a different e-reader, they all have different formats and requirements, email the Editor with a comment / feedback. 'What it was like then ...'

Check the most recent images here:

Inaugural Arts Festival 1993 --- and --- Anzac Day 1993

Some of the hotels of Violet Town People of old Violet Town Some of Violet Town's early buildings
Buildings on Cowslip St Scenes of the Southern Aurora disaster 7 February 1969 Cowslip St in the early days

You may know something about one or more of the photographs that you would like to share; it could be the date, the scene, the names of people in a photograph, what was happening or the occasion. You may have some interesting photographs hidden away in the 'shoe box' that you would like to share. If you have, please contact Robin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About two years later, on 28 April 2009, the group reformed as the Violet Town History Group with the aim of recording the history of Violet Town. Particularly the history after that provided by Don Chambers in his excellent book 'Honeysuckle in Australia Felix' that takes us to about 1908.

Historical photographs of Violet Town. Click on the images [An image could be up to 150 kb] to view the photographs full size.

set1 (6K) This set of photographs have been provided courtesy of Ian and Mavis Errey Photographs are provided courtesty of Barbara Ramage
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Some of the many books featuring Violet Town and the surrounding district include: Honeysuckle in Australia Felix; Petition to Partition: The History of the Shire of Violet Town; Veterans.