HREP Stage 1 2002 - 2011

Stage 1 of the HREP began with the Violet Town community deciding that it wanted to restore and make more use of the Honeysuckle Creek area that runs through the centre of the town’s recreation precinct and the open park area to its North.

There was great potential for restoring the natural habitat and developing it as an ideal area for passive recreation. There was also strong interest in improving the existing sporting precincts located within the southern part of the precinct.

Hurt-St-3-garretts-today-2012-150 (9K)

Hurt Street plantings now. Click image

With the support of a cluster of grants - Regional Partnerships, National Heritage Trust, Regional Development Victoria and Helen McPherson Trust, plus support from the Violet Town Action Group, Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority, Small Towns Development Funds and the Shire of Strathbogie, Stage 1 of the HREP project was begun.

An HREP committee was formed as a sub committee of the Violet Town Action Group. Their first action was to draw up a Masterplan which set down graphically and in writing, a blueprint of the community’s vision for the area. The HREP committee then began to implement this plan.

New-bridge-planting-1-150 (7K)

Indigenous vegetation near new bridge. Click image

Over the next few years, a three kilometre loop walking track was constructed along both sides of the creek, sculptures, educational signs, seats and picnic tables were installed along the its length and large areas of indigenous vegetation along the creek sides and in the open areas were planted. Later a new bridge was erected across the creek.

Although the grant funds had been used, there were still ongoing maintenance demands. The HREP committee, with other volunteers, continued meeting and undertaking these tasks with ongoing support from the Violet Town Action Group for any small expenditures involved.

New-bridge-opening-150 (8K)

Tim Mahar and Robin Landvogt opening the new bridge over the Honeysuckle Creek Click image,

The sporting groups located within the Recreational Precinct also implemented most of the improvements that they had envisioned for their sites Major changes have been achieved over the 8 years (See 'HREP Before and After' photos in this website’s photo album)

By 2011 however, the HREP committee saw the need for more substantial funding to enable it to move on to achieve the aspects of the blueprint that had not yet been achieved.

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HREP working bee. Click image

We also believed that it was time to review and update what the community most wanted in its vision for the recreational precinct from 2012 onwards.