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Violet Town signs by Leunig


In 2009 Violet Town landed a coup when renowned artist, cartoonist, philosopher, and poet Michael Leunig agreed to create entry signs for the town. The signs appear at four of the town’s entrances – each end of Cowslip St, Nalinga Road and the south end of High Street.

Leunig said that “although it’s only a sign, this can make an expression about a town. That’s the advantage of a small town – it doesn’t have to be stodgy and boring but can have spirit and be a model for larger towns”.

He described his work as “lyrical, contemporary… it’s an imaginary street map. It’s a small town, not just laid out on a square grid, it has personality. The symbols are not claiming anything- it’s about community. It’s the teapot people sitting around drinking tea, it is houses, it’s trees, and it’s musical instruments. It’s got a vivacious quality. It’s cheery, unusual, colourful and shows the spirit of the town - a town that dares to be different.”