Honeysuckle Recreation Environment Project (HREP)



The Honeysuckle Recreation Environment Project arose from a Community Opportunity Workshop in Violet Town in November 2001. Rehabilitation of the creek area of the Violet Town Recreation Reserve was identified as a high priority for the community.

A working party was set up which consisted of Andrew Guerin, Robin Landvogt, Tim Mahar, Howard Myers, Rebecca Nicoll, Sue Paton, Julie Ryan, Kate Stothers, Lance Williams and Susan Mahar.

The Honeysuckle Recreation Environment Project was begun and HREP was established as a subcommittee of the Violet Town Action Group.

The aims of HREP are -

  • to rehabilitate and enhance the native vegetation throughout the Violet Town Recreation Reserve. 
  • to provide a variety of recreational and educational experiences within the Recreation Reserve to complement the more traditional sporting activities. A 3km walking track loop was installed alongside the creek with seats, tables and environmental information signs at strategic places along it. Pleasant places along the creek banks were developed where people can picnic or relax and enjoy the birds, trees and sound of running water. 
  • to engage with the community of Violet Town and the wider region to increase awareness of the importance of preserving our natural environment and of increasing the area and quality of natural habitat available to native fauna. 

Photos of plantings

HREP is a volunteer group which relies heavily on government and other funding. In 2005 major grants were successfully applied for and a detailed master plan was drawn up.