Violet Town Action Group

Hi everyone sorry we missed the Village Voice this month (April) 

March’s meeting was dominated by the on-going problems of the Medical centre. VTAG have been caught up in this but it is very much work in progress.  There’s no point in indulging in speculation but a bit of first-hand information would be nice. All we can do is keep the pressure on both the Nursing Home administration and Dr. Wang to keep the whole community informed.

Some other issues came up such as the opening night of the museum which was well attended.  VTAG supported it to the tune of $900 – which was in appreciation of what the museum has brought to the town.  We now have two new facilities which are bringing tourists in.  The next projects for the Southern Aurora committee are to get brown signs off the freeway pointing to the gardens, putting in a drinking fountain, concreting in the last of the signs up near the site and preparing the flowerbeds for planting when the rain eventually comes. We have two options for the big black panel wall – one a mural of some Southern Aurora theme and one a big vinyl poster.  It really depends on costs.  We will be looking at a completely new project involving State and Federal governments to refurbish the carriage, hopefully employing local tradesmen and a trainee. That’s the plan anyway.

The market report had a few issues such as the rising cost of having an ATM at the market.  VTAG suggested a three-month trial of the higher prices then see if there are alternatives.  I see Gary and Jos at the post office now have an ATM which is an extra bonus for the town. Costs of running the market are forever going up and one idea floated (but not decided on one way or the other) was that the tin-rattlers pay a percentage of their takings.  Thumbs up or thumbs down?

The CAP report is just getting its final typos corrected then printed.  I can send an electronic copy to anyone who wants it, and I’ll put it on the Facebook page.  Various VTAG members have put their hands up to be the facilitators (but not the necessarily the drivers) of the various themes, so they’ll be submitting monthly reports to VTAG. Talking of which, as I write thisarticle I’m on hold to VicRoads (and have been for 17 minutes) trying to organise some of their head honchos to come down to Violet Town to talk about the roundabout, speed limits near the bus stop and pedestrian crossings in Cowslip Street. If anyone wants an exercise in burocracies, try phoning VicRoads – I doubt whether the person at the other end even knows where Violet Town is.

VTAG is moving fairly slowly at the moment because of the Medical centre issue.  We’ll try and get through more issues next time so bear with us.  There should be an advertisement regarding the Village Voice editor’s position in this edition – if not it definitely be in next month’s along with posts on the community website.  We should also be getting feedback from the Shadforth Reserve public meeting seeing where we go from here, updating the master plan and VTAG thanks all the people who have already put their hands up to work on various aspects of it.

Next meeting is on April 3rd at 6.00 so come along and join the increasing number of people putting in their two pennyworth. In the meantime, I still wait for VicRoads to reply – but at least I’m somewhere in the North-East (I think)

Iain Atkin

  1. 45 minutes later and I’ve at last made contact – watch this space!


Violet Town Action Group (VTAG) is a group of people drawn from the local community. It has been actively looking after the interests of the community for many years and has as its vision and purpose:

"VTAG works to develop and support community activities and initiatives, and provides a forum which facilitates discussion and decision making for the communities of Violet Town and District."

VTAG operates with a nine person committee with three members elected each year or as vacancies arise. The committee meets monthly, on the first Wednesday of each month at the Community Centre meeting room.

VTAG has a number of sub-committees that are responsible for organising major projects in the community:

  1. Market sub-committee is responsible for the operation of the Violet Town Community Market – working with a paid market co-ordinator.
  2. Honeysuckle Recreation Environment Project sub-committee has undertaken the creation of a 3km walking and cycling trail along both sides of the Honeysuckle Creek within the town boundaries and extensive revegetation of the creek.
  3. Village Voice sub-committee organises the publication of the monthly Village Voice (available for viewing on this website) with the assistance of a paid coordinator.
  4. Hall sub-committee is responsible for the management and minor repairs of the Violet Town Community Complex. All hire fees are used for minor maintenance and improvements to the complex.
  5. Violet Town Community Forest sub-committee was responsible for the development and planting of the Community Forest on a part of Shadforth Reserve to the north of town. The wood will be a resource for fire wood for the community wood fired oven and residents in years to come.
  6. History Group – is committed to recording, documenting and preserving the town’s history. The group has an extensive collection of historical photos- many can be seen in the gallery on this website.
  7. Seed Savers Group
  8. Museum Group
  9. Business Group
  10. Southern Aurora Memorial group

Violet Town Action Group Committee members are:

Chair – Gary Abley
Deputy chair –
Secretary – Anne Quaine

Treasurer – Anne Quaine

Committee members –

Jo Beavis

Iain Aitken

Howard Myers

Linda Reeves

Michael McLaughlin


Bookkeeping is provided by a paid employee.


Facebook group can be joined here


Violet Town and District Plans

Violet Town and District has a number of plans that outline future actions:
Violet Town and District Strategic Plan - available at this link:
Shadforth Reserve Master Plan 2018-2028
Violet Town Recreation Reserve Plan
The Violet Town Community Plan 2014 – 2018 is the third Community Plan developed by the community of Violet Town and the surrounding district. The next edition is currently under development.